Combined Eddy current testing and Ultrasonic testing system

Combined Eddy current testing and Ultrasonic testing system


This is the combined testing system (ET+UT) ,as a new testing method based on the electromagnetic and ultrasonic theory, is the breakthrough of COBE teams after years of industrial and laboratory studies.

This model is designed particularly for on-line testing applications. However,the size and nature of flaws detected depends on the condition of the material and environments.The spare parts of the equipment are highly interchangeable, all the parts can be replaced directly, and the maintenance is convenient. Can be based on the detection results and then guide the operator to more accurate grinding.


Testing material:Cr2,Cr3,Cr5 ,Alloy forged steel, high speed steel, cast steel, etc.

Testing requirement: Ultrasonic testing for inside cracks , composite layer porosity and thickness testing ; Eddy current testing for surface and sub-surface cracks and oft spots testing

Roll diameter : 500-1400mm

Testing model: ET+UT testing

Testing standard:

1. Detection coverage : 100% body area of the roll

2. ET testing accuracy:

 Cracks : 0.1mm(Depth)*0.1mm(Width)*5mm(Length) Longitudinal flaws

 Soft spots:Hardness decreases (or increases) 4HSD, area larger than 20mm visible


Features :

Can simultaneously test the roll cracks, surface hardness changes, residual magnetism and other defects.

◆ Can be tested in two modes (  testing during grind or testing after grind )

◆ According to the need to select automatic or manual demagnetization

◆ Equipment can be automatically adapted to different roll speed

Have the function of the generation of the circumferential/ axial partition coordinates, so that the position of the defect is more intuitive.

◆ The probe has the function of automatic and emergency reset, and the probe can be reset to the safe condition immediately under the fault condition.

◆ Inspection history inquiry, management function

◆ Detection of relative velocity: 10~ 1000 mm/s

◆ Roll revolution speed: 5~ 100 RPM / min

◆ Carriage scanning speed: 1 ~ 1000 mm / min

◆ Working voltage: AC220 + 20% , 50 Hz