About us


Xiamen COBE NDT Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, a domestic first-class high-tech enterprise professional development of non-destructive testing instruments and equipment. It is mainly dedicated to the research and development of the electromagnetic (eddy current, magnetic flux leakage and the magnetic memory), ultrasonic testing, industrial electronic endoscope apparatus and equipment ,has gained many national patents,and obtained the national science and technology fund of technology-based SMEs in technological innovation fund. Products are widely used in aerospace, electric power, oil and gas, metallurgy, machinery and automotive industries.     

     COBE persistent in development of innovative nondestructive testing instruments and applications to make your industrial production and industrial safety can be effectively controlled and achieve greater production efficiency and reduce testing costs.COBE's mission is through the provision of reliable non-destructive testing products and services to bring these innovative technologies into productive forces.

    COBE and the well-known institutions, research institutes formed a collaborative network of community-based research, with a strong R & D capability. Guaranteed COBE company the NDT technical standards to be at the domestic leading position in China and international first-class status.

    COBE enforce strict quality guarantee system ISO9001: 2015, pursuit of excellence, innovation in science , technology and continuous improvement. Provide the high-quality, high-tech products and services back to clients and society.The products effectively serve the domestic and foreign enterprises (AVIC, CSIC, CRRC, CNPC, SNPTC, Baosteel Group, Honda automobile, etc.) are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Korea, China Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, won the highly valued customers.

       COBE who will work with you hand in hand with the times, will make unremitting efforts for the China's industrial of non-destructive testing instruments and equipment to the world and the future!